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Donnerstag September 19th 2019

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Endweder Ein Hirn oder Ausschalten. Dazwischen geht nichts in unserem Blog, nicht einmal kommentieren. Bei langer Weile&Co philosophiere mit unserem freundlichen AsozialisierungsRoboter mit der "Griesnockerl Maschine" im schwarzen Balken oben, schreib einfach deine Themen in das freie Suchfeld neben dem Datum und klick auf Enter oder Suche. Area V-Press ist keine statische Homepage, sondern ein dynamischer Gedanken Generator in der Psi V5 Phase. FINDE EIN WORT UND ER WIRD GEDANKEN in Dir SUCHEN ! WO SONST ?



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Win Spy – Big Brother is SPYin‘ you!

Win Spy is the complete stealth PC monitoring application that can observe the activities of multiple local and remote PCs. The rock solid architecture of the application makes it completely inaccessible and undetectable to anyone who doesn’t know the hotkey access code. If you need to monitor just one PC, a few or many hundreds, there is a Win Spy package that will fit your requirements.

With Win Spy you now have the ability to easily and completely hide folders that contain sensitive information from prying eyes and clear any tracks of any Windows and Internet usage. If your PC is stolen you will be able to track its whereabouts, you will also be able to securely delete files and prevent them from ever being recovered and the software can also adapt and hide itself if someone tries checking if it is installed.

The Latest Features. The newest features allow you to remotely deploy the software or bundle it into another file such as a Microsoft Office document or screensaver. Once the software is installed you will be able to remotely monitor the PC over the web by FTP or by e-mail. You will be able to monitor almost all activity. The software is available in a home version for users monitoring up to ten PCs or there is a corporate license for monitoring thousands.

There are many reasons why you would want to use Win Spy. Are you concerned with what your child is doing online?  May your spouse be having an affair? Do you need to monitor the online activities of your employees? Is someone using your PC when you are away from your desk? Win Spy can help you find out and at less than $20.00 for a copy, what are you waiting for?

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