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Montag Juni 10th 2013

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Philosophiere mit unserem freundlichen AsozialisierungsRoboter "Griesnockerl Suche", gib' ihm die Themen vor, mit denen er dich unterhalten soll. Das ist kein Statischer Blog, sondern ein Gedanken Generator in der Psi Phase. SUCHE EIN WORT UND ER WIRD GEDANKEN in dir FINDEN ! WO SONST



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Saturday – Market Day, also in London not only in Graz!


The Alternative Market to Lendplatz in London:

Broadway Market,
London E8
Area: London Fields

As I walked in with my daughter to Broadway Market late Saturday morning seeing her so happy to do so I knew what stays raising up children…..it is the atmosphere they loved beeing with the family passing it  on to their own lifes, when they are living by themselves….there were organic food, the most  delicioust food,

anything you can imagine beeing amazing to eat, enjoy and to look at, the nicest coffee shops and bars, in between vintage clothes and vintage jewellery, masses of young and feeling young people, children, musicians, dogs….original english pies, birkenstock are hip again…..organic and selfroasted  coffeestass, take away vegetarian and meatfood…….

“I am unbelievably smitten with this place.  And not with just any market in London, this is one of the best.  Make sure you make a stop here, because I walked out with a vintage Beatles album, a 24k antique bracelet, handmade shea butter hand creams, and some pretty amazing wild mushroom risotto, all with spending under 30 quid.” visitor



the last link is a food-blog of my daughter jana

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